Turn Right is a leader in completion fluid technologies and products which are built to withstand the harsh operating environments that the oil and gas service industry has become accustomed to. Itís talented and well-seasoned team of management and service personnel are ready to assist with your needs 24-7. At Turn Right, we work hard every single day to save you money at the wellsite through technology and innovation.
    High Pressure In-Line Shearing, Blending and Chemical Hydration System LEARN MORE >>

    The ECED "Enclosed Chemical Eduction Device" pulls the required chemicals into the moving fluid stream and requires no internal moving parts or added energy source.  LEARN MORE >>

    Beyond fluid rheology services and completion fluid technologies, Turn Right offers a complete line of chemicals that are vital for the completion phase of a well.  LEARN MORE >>

    Turn Right offers state-of-the-art mixing plant systems and filtration technologies to enhance the blending and delivery of completions fluids on site.  LEARN MORE >>

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