About Us

At Turn Right, our mission is to work in a safe, efficient and respectful manner while achieving the "status of excellence" in providing products and services to the upstream petroleum industry.

Our engineered completion and drillout fluid solutions include:

  • ShearRight In-line Hydration System
  • Enclosed Chemical Eduction System
  • Mixing and Hydrating Blenders
  • Centrifugal Sand/Debris Separators and Filtration
  • Completion Chemicals and Polymers
  • On-Call Fluid Technicians

What Makes Us Different

Since 2009, Turn Right has worked alongside operators to create cost saving solutions that enhance wellsite operations. We consistently deliver safer, faster and more cost effective drillouts by focusing on our strengths which include:

Quality Service with MINIMUM Wellsite Personnel

Small, Safe and EFFICIENT Wellsite Footprint

No ADDITIONAL Energies Required at the Wellsite

Minimum MOVING Parts Within Components

At Turn Right, we work hard every single day to save you money at the wellsite through technology and innovation.

Thank you for considering Turn Right and we look forward to assisting you in bringing wells on quicker and increasing your well productivity in a safe and efficient manner.

Locations Include:

Houston, Texas

Midland, Texas